Deep-Eco T-Shirt: Isles of Shoals "Official Seal"

from Alex de Steiguer


□▬□.......Note: Now available for shipping until Dec. 21, 2022 or so. After that, ships anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks in winter - delayed by Island life!.......□▬□ (no international shipping at this time)

The small cluster of islands in the Isles of Shoals were first mapped way, way back in the 1600's. Though they have a few more buildings on them now, and are known by different names, they remain shrouded in timelessness and foster a deep sense of discovery.

Watched over today by the "official seal" - who also gazes out from the front left of this quality shirt - the isles, complete with their surrounding navigational hazards, are reproduced on the back from historic nautical charts, in their exact locations, complete with the names we know them by today.

Join the Official Seal in proudly showing that you are forever of the Isles of Shoals and also know just how many islands there actually are (nine!). Wear it knowing that, in a pinch, you can strip down and use it to navigate (warning: partially-naked navigation using this shirt at your own risk).

These shirts are premium quality, 100% ringspun preshrunk Enova RECYCLED cotton (heather grey contains 90% recycled cotton/10% polyester). Color-fast, still fits after multiple washings.

════ About Recycled/Regenerated Cotton ════
Far and away one of the most earth-friendly t-shirts you can get, Recycled Cotton (a.k.a. "Regenerated Cotton") uses only unused fibers intercepted from the manufacturing waste stream that would normally go into toxic landfills. All dyes are GOTS Certified & biodegradable, plus water consumption (normally 700 gallons in other t-shirts!) is almost nothing. A bit pricier than new cotton, but a tiny fraction of the environmental cost. The Official Seal approves.

The Official Seal sez: "9 Reasons I don't wear clothes"
~12% of all textiles for making new clothes end up as waste
~ 5% of all landfill space is textile waste
~95% of landfilled textile waste is recyclable when discarded
~70% of PET bottles are not recycled
~700 gallons of water are used to make one new cotton T-shirt
~18% of world pesticide use is for cotton
~25% of all toxic chemicals are used in textile production
~10% of global CO2 production is from the textile industry

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Alex de Steiguer

Besides being a homesteader, a deep water tall-ship sailor, an island caretaker, and a musician, Alex is also known for her black & white fine-art photography, and is the author of "Small Island, Big Picture", with 69 duotone images, and reflections on solitude, creativity, inspiration and connection with the world we live in. See links for more info about Alex's other works. ... more

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